Thursday, May 22, 2008

9 Things I Love About Ephraim

Ephraim is 9 months old today. My friend from college, Carrie, had a little boy the same day I had Ephraim. His name is Nate. When he turns how many ever months old, she does that number of things that she loves about him on her blog. Such a cute idea, I thought I'd try it this time!

1. His big blue eyes surrounded by long lashes.
2. His laugh.
3. The way he adores his big sissy.
4. His chunky thighs.
5. How he crinkles his nose and breaths in and out really fast sometimes when he is done eating.
6. That he is not crawling, yet!
7. He yells "Da-da" followed by babbling - it's cute even if he's not saying Ma-ma anymore. (He said it on my birthday back in March).
8. How he jumps like a crazy man in the Jumperoo. He loves it!
9. That when he's tired he cuddles up with me and sucks my shirt.

Ephraim now has one tooth. Ellie has a new nickname for him, "Brud". This is short for Brudder (or Brother if you are not 3 years old).

On a completely different note... some of you have probably heard of Steven Curtis Chapman. He is an awesome Christian singer and songwriter. In addition to his three biological children, he has 3 little girls adopted from China. He was very inspirational to Scott & me as we were going through the process of adopting Ellie. His youngest daughter was struck in the driveway of their home in Franklin, TN yesterday and died. Please pray for this family as they go through an unimaginably difficult time. For more information visit his website at
And you can read the article published in the local paper at