Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lazy Days of Winter, Maybe?

So, who in the world coined the phrase, "the lazy days of summer"? They are so wrong. Is anyone out there being lazy this summer? I think not because I just got caught up on my blog reading. I was feeling bad because I haven't posted in so long. Everyone else's blog seems to be suffering as well. I'm thinking winter, now that's a time to be lazy. Being cold makes me want to do nothing. Anyway, what have the McGhee's been up to, you may ask...

Scott's brother, his wife & their three children came for a visit from Ohio over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. We don't get to see them much, so it was a really nice visit. Ellie had so much fun playing with her cousins. Maggie slept on the trundle in Ellie's room. This was Ellie's first sleep-over experience - which she totally loved!

Ephraim has been crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything he can get his hands on. I am still giving him baby food - he seems to not like solids. I'm not pushing it until we get past his "challenge test" on August 14th. Please pray, pray, pray that he will "pass" so that the little fella can have milk and related proteins. I don't want him to have to eat like I've been eating these past 8 months.

Last week we went to the Free Family Fun night at Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. They do it once a month. We are members, so it's not the freeness we care about so much as the extended hours - open until 8pm (instead of the usual 5:30). Ellie had a blast. The book mobile was also there giving away free books. Then we walked up to the 7:15pm Lookouts game and stayed there about an hour. Such a bargain - $8.00. Ellie is such a baseball fan. She actually sat there and watched the game and asked questions. We were also on Channel 3 news - you really couldn't see me, but I'm hiding behind Scott. Check out the link below.

So far a busy month!

Ellie and her cousin, Maggie.

Ephraim - he's pulling up on everything these days!