Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe This...

What's the difference between a northern fairy tale and a southern fairy tale? A northern fairy tale starts out with "Once upon a time..." and a southern fairy tale with "Y'all ain't gonna believe this..." Okay, so this is not totally relevant, but Scott told me the other day and I thought it was a funny joke.

Ephraim has two more things to add to his sick list for 2009, nasty bilateral ear infections (that means both ears, folks) requiring two Rocephin shots and a 10 day course of oral antibiotics, and Rotavirus. For those of you who have never experienced Rotavirus, let me just say... oh...my...goodness! It starts out with vomiting and moves on to diarrhea - tons of diarrhea! I am sure that Ephraim has pooped an amount of diarrhea equal to his weight, or what he used to weigh. I'm sure he's lost some weight. The boy has been really sick for about a week. Bless his heart, he's finally recovering.

The medical marvel (that's Ellie) has also been somewhat sick, believe it or not. She had a fever and has had a couple of days of diarrhea. Could be Rotavirus, I guess. I read that is has much more mild symptoms in adults and older children. She loves the fact that she is sick! I guess since she never is and Ephraim seems to always be. But let me tell you, she has not acted sick for even one minute - the girl has been wild as ever.

I have been doing loads and loads of puke and poop infested items. It is good that I do not have a weak stomach (I think few moms do). Anyway, that's what is new with us and sadly it is the same old story - sickness! Oh, how I long for Spring, warmer weather, less illnesses (cross my fingers)!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Oh, you thought it was a children's book? No, it is our house! And their names are Ellie and Ephraim.

I know you all thought the McGhee Family blog had seen its last days. We're still here! I have been meaning to update for so long (hint, hint... here come the excuses and they're pretty good).

We've had major computer problems and major internet problems. We got a new computer and have now switched internet services. And, I just got so behind that the thought of updating seemed overwhelming. I think I'm ready to give it my best shot...

Ephraim is into everything. His trademark move right now is finding something small he can push up against something big so that he can climb up on it. I told Scott I think he is going to be a mountain climber and/or a doctor. (He likes to walk around with the play stethoscope around his neck). Anyway, he loves to play with his big Sissy, dancing, and vacuuming (toy vacuum, of course). He says new words all the time but still likes to grunt and point a lot. He eats like his Momma (picky). This year he's already had an ear infection, stomach virus, and right now has a really bad cold, bless his heart. He recently had his first hair cut and was 17 months old on January 22. He is still an angel!

Ellie is still very into the Power Rangers, but also likes to play with whatever her brother is playing with. Sometimes she decides that she doesn't want to be the big sissy anymore. She is actually a really good big sissy though, and her "Brud" just adores her. She is doing well in preschool and will celebrate her 100th day of school on Friday. I am going to have lunch with her that day. We are still looking at schools for her for next year, but haven't made any decisions. We thought her imaginary friend was long gone, but he has revisited some lately. His name is Mekin Ha-ha and he has a lot of birthday parties. It is the running joke around here that Mekin must be about 100 years old as many birthday parties as he has. She usually insists that he is only 5 years old. Oh, and he has a friend named Sha-sha that comes over sometimes. We don't "see" her as much.

I am ready for Spring. It gets dark too early and it just makes me want to sleep... we all know I can't do that all the time! And I absolutely hate being cold. I think snow might be the only redeeming quality of Winter. Not much new with me. I have just been especially busy being Mommy lately.

Scott has been having fun with the new computer. He is on Facebook now, too. Hum, I guess he may be as boring as me. What can I say but that I guess our kids are our life right now. I don't think we'd have it any other way!

Hopefully, more to come soon!