Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Already?

Wow... I just did October in review on my blog and now it seems like Christmas is right around the corner. I know, I know... we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. The truth of the matter is that everywhere you look there is already Christmas stuff everywhere. You can't help but feel the pressure to start your Christmas shopping, figure out when you are going to get the tree up, and start thinking about Christmas cards... which brings me to my next topic of discussion.

Last year I toyed with the idea of not sending out Christmas cards. No, I'm not trying to be a Scrooge! My friends at work talked me out of it. But this year, I don't think I can be swayed. Before you shake your head in disapproval and disappointment, let me explain. I send out a TON of Christmas cards. I will not tell you how many because no one can believe I know that many people - and I promise you it is not everyone I know, but actually a very whittled down list. Anyway, it takes a really long time to stuff, address, and stamp all those cards. This is valuable time that I could spend enjoying the holiday season with my family and friends, or getting sleep so my family and friends might actually enjoy ME during the holidays instead of me being a crab because I'm tired. I know this sounds like bad excuse, but let me go on...

Money is tight for everyone this year. Gas has cost lots more than usual in the last few months, food costs more, and we've probably all lost money in the stock market. I feel like this will be a hard holiday season for the many worthy charities out there. So this year I will take the few hundred (yes, not a typo) dollars that I usually spend buying and mailing Christmas cards and donate it to some of our favorite charities. I apologize in advance for anyone that likes to put my kids Christmas card picture on their refrigerator (this is the argument that my friends at work used last year to get me to send out cards). I will post a Christmas picture on my blog, so if you really feel the need, print it out and tape it up!

Let me mention that this is also very "green" because I know some people just end up throwing Christmas cards away eventually.

It used to be the only time some people saw our kids, but now with the fabulousness of blogging, our kids are but a click away! Nothing is lost.

So there it is, the decision has been made, it is final! The Christmas card tradition that I have practiced since college has been broken. As they say, change is good.

Let me leave you with a challenge... find something you can do without this Christmas and then instead use the money for a charitable cause. That is what Christmas is about anyway - the Love of Christ.

Some of our favorite charities...

Compassion International

Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program

The Salvation Army

Children's Hope International's Help an Orphan program

And of course, local food banks


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Yippee for Angie! I am in AWE of you!!! I may follow in your footsteps. We have pared back a lot this year on the commercialism(sp?). We are following in the Hildebrands, Farmers, and Chastains footsteps and only buying three gifts this year symbolizing the three gifts that Jesus received. If three was good enough for Jesus, then it is also good enough for us. We're also being very deliberate with Advent and Advent festivities throughout the season. Our also loves Angel Tree Ministries, and Samaritan's purse.
Yea for the McGhees!
PS Your kids are too cute. I'll miss their picture but only for a minute, because I will then remember what you did in their honor!

Scooter said...

We do the three gifts at Christmas, also. I got it from Farmers and Hildebrands!


Brad and Shana said...

Angie, I may be right along with you this year too. Honestly, I do really like sending them out, but it just might not happen this year.

Also, we're doing something else during the advent season that I'm really excited about. We are doing a Jesse tree. It starts with the first sunday of advent, and it includes little devotions that take you through the old testament.....things that point to the saviors birth. Each devotion has a symbol which is a corresponding ornament that you hang on a small tree. I'm really excited.....should you want more info, let me know.

talk to you soon.
can't wait to see pictures of the kids on the blog :)


Tammy said...

I am so glad you did this post! Eric and I decided not to do Christmas cards this year too, and I've been feeling a little guilty about it, but not anymore! :)

Bridenstine3 said...

Hmmm. That's really something to think about.

amy griffith said...

ange, awesome idea!!!!!! i will miss seeing their faces, but i check your blog every day!!!!